Commercial Wastewater Treatment System

Commercial Wastewater Systems

Let OnSyte help you with your commercial property and see the difference. Our advanced systems can save you money while being more eco-friendly.

Optimized Commercial Systems for Every Property

The OnSyte System creates optimal conditions for naturally occurring bacteria to break down and digest organic materials and constituents existing in wastewater. Using proven Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) processes utilizing suspended-growth activated-sludge the OnSyte System treats incoming wastewater to the highest degree without using filters, media, or chemicals.

Proven Design

Utilizing proven suspended growth activated sludge treatment, Sequencing Batch Reactors are recognized as an industry leading wastewater treatment technology.

Sustainable Performance

Utilizing naturally present bacteria, the OnSyte treatment system achieves greater than 80% reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. In order to provide an ideal environment for the bacteria to optimally treat the wastewater, the IOT compatible controller tailors a treatment process optimized for each site.

Real Time Monitoring

Each OnSyte System is continuously monitored through an IOT compatible controller located at the site. This optimizes performance while reporting any preventative maintenance needs.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment System

OnSyte Batch Reactor 5000

1: Sewage enters a traditional trash/grit tank – Settling and Dosing Occur (Not Shown).

2: Sewage gravity flows to the Dosing Chamber – Dosing and secondary settling occur.

3: The controller determines an appropriate batch size and pumps (A) the selected
volume to the Reaction Chamber (1) – Mix-Fill (B) occurs.

4: The above grade blower initiates aeration through twin fine air diffusers (C) – Reaction occurs

5: After Settling and Decanting (D), the effluent is discharged to the specified disposal means

Frequently Asked Questions

OnSyte assists the developer and their civil engineer with preliminary design concepts and cost estimates at no charge once a plat is provided to OnSyte.

Solids, or excessive bacterial growth, are recycled to the first chamber. Thus, the first chamber serves dual purposes. First, it acts as primary treatment, settling solids out of the influent. It also serves as a digester, receiving Wasted-Activated-Sludge (WAS) from the reactor. The WAS, once in the digester, becomes facultative and breaks down.

On a typical 100 acre development where my alternative is to put in septic systems for each 1 acre lot the biggest savings are to use one or more cluster systems. Depending on topology and soil characteristics, resulting in a 50%+ savings. Remote lots or those requiring lift stations would typically be served by individual units.

Our commercial systems come in modules of 5,000 and 25,000 gpd units and are designed to accommodate any loading from 5,000 GPD to 1,000,000 GPD.

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