Our Systems

About OnStye Performance™

The OnSyte System is buried below ground. In most installations two riser lids will come to the surface. The Process Control Unit is mounted to the side of the house/facility.

Our mission at OnSyte is to deliver the most cost effective wastewater treatment solution to consumers and commercial developers. For commercial and residential developers, our systems can lead to documented profit improvement that can exceed fifty-percent for the residential land development phase of a project. While that is exciting to developers, what is important to regulators, and those approving the permits, is the assurance that the OnSyte Technology can achieve up to ninety-percent reductions in nutrient pollution by using the same proven biological treatment process that has been used in municipal treatment plants for over onehundred years.

We are proud to say the developments made over the past five years in a cloud-compatible process-controller has come to fruition. Our controller network allows us to optimize the performance of each system, providing regulatory compliance at a low cost. We have raised the bar and we look forward to working with everyone who wants to learn how our system saves money, improves the environment, and allows every user to have preventative maintenance and full compliance so that we exceed expectations for years to come.


Cleans water to a remarkable standard… without chemicals, filters, or media!


Safe. Affordable. Environmentally Friendly. Cost Effective.


All collective data, equations, and processes are based on proven Suspended-Growth Activated-Sludge Processes.


Grow with your community!

How Our Systems Work

Sewage enters a traditional Grit Chamber where settling and separation occurs. Sewage then gravity flows to the Dosing Chamber for dosing and secondary settling. The controller determines an appropriate batch size and pumps the selected volume to the Reaction Chamber. The above grade blower initiates aeration through twin fine air diffusers and reaction occurs. After settling and clarification, the effluent is decanted, disharged to the designed final disposal means.

Hybrid Batch Reactor Operation