Regulator Systems

OnSyte Technology can achieve up to ninety percent reductions in nutrient pollution by using the same proven biological treatment process that has been used in municipal treatment plants for over one hundred years.

OnSyte Technology Delivers Results

The OnSyte Performance™ natural bio-reactor treatment system converts wastewater into clear, odorless water without using any chemicals or filters. The system arrives from the factory with basic profiles stored in the control system. This patented variable-flow, variable-process technology allows each unit to adapt to the wastewater generation patterns of its location. The treatment process progresses through several phases custom tuned for that batch by the smart controller after which the clean water is released into the environment or reused in accordance with local regulations.

The smart controller customizes the treatment process for each individual batch based on the volume of waste water isolated in the reaction chamber. After progressing through the customized process the wastewater is decanted, discharged to the designed final disposal means. Upon the completion of the discharge process, the Reactor is available to accept a new incoming batch.

Proven Design

Utilizing proved suspended-growth activated-sludge treatment processes, Sequencing Batch Reactors are recognized as an industry leading wastewater treatment technology.

Sustainable Performance

Utilizing naturally present bacteria, the OnSyte treatment system achieves greater than 80% reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. In order to provide an ideal environment for the bacteria to optimally treat the wastewater, the IOT compatible controller tailors a treatment process optimized for each site.

Real Time Monitoring

Each OnSyte system is continuously monitored through an IOT compatible controller located at the site. This optimizes performance while reporting any preventative maintenance needs.

Regulator System

OnSyte Batch Reactor 25,000

1: Sewage enters a traditional trash/grit tank – Settling and Dosing Occur (Not Shown).

2: The Controller determines an appropriate batch size and pumps the selected volume to one of two Reactors within the Treatment Module Shown here.

3: The above grade air blowers initiate aeration through fine air diffusers (B) – Reaction occurs

4: After Settling and Decanting (C), the effluent is discharged to the specified disposal means.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permitting varies greatly by location but on average we plan for 3-6 months. Installation and startup typically takes 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the system.

The OnSyte System creates optimal conditions for naturally occurring bacteria to break down and digest organic materials and constituents existing in wastewater. Using proven Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) processes utilizing suspended-growth activated-sludge the OnSyte System treats incoming wastewater to the highest degree without using filters, media, or chemicals.

Absolutely! Because the majority of the contaminates are cleaned inside the tank, most states allow reduced drainfield sizes and the pre-cleaned water is perfect for an underground drip system that makes it much easier and less expensive to weave around rocks.

Options for final disposal of the effluent include conventional drain-field, a drip irrigation system, injection into a designed wetlands, or can be further treated for graywater and other sustainability applications.

OnSyte Warranty

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