Residential Wastewater Treatment System

Residential Wastewater Treatment System

Optimized distributed sewer network performs with low life-cycle costs. Affordable, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Not the Ordinary Septic System

The patented variable-flow, variable-process treatment system cleans water to a remarkable standard. All without the use of chemicals or filters. This patented air-driven variable flow and process system produces clear, odorless effluent with no discernible effect on the surrounding environment.

The system is controlled by Cloud based technology which can be adjusted from a central location as well as notify technicians of any potential problems. The result is a virtually maintenance free unit.

The OnSyte Batch Reactor 825 System uses a scientific process that both teaches and learns from local and other networked units. This provides an optimized performance that can grow with the property.

Proven Design

Utilizing proven suspended-growth activated-sludge treatment processes, Sequencing Batch Reactors are recognized as an industry leading wastewater treatment technology.

Sustainable Performance

Utilizing naturally present bacteria, the OnSyte treatment system achieves greater than 80% reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. The IOT (Internet Of Things) compatible controller tailors a treatment process unique to each household, in order to provide the perfect environment for the bacteria to efficiently treat the wastewater.

Real Time Monitoring

Each OnSyte system is constantly monitored through an IOT compatible controller located at the customer premises. This optimizes performance while reporting any preventative maintenance needs without any interaction between the homeowner and the treatment system.

Residential Wastewater Treatment System

Advanced Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment System - OnSyte Batch Reactor 825

1: Sewage enters the Separation Chamber (1) from the Inlet (A) – primary treatment occurs.

2: Sewage gravity flows into the Dosing Chamber (2) – secondary settling occurs.

3: The controller (B) determines an appropriate batch size and transfers the selected volume to the Reaction Chamber (3), via a transfer pump (C) – Mix-Fill occurs.

4: The air blower (E) initiates aeration via twin fine air diffusers (F) – Reaction Occurs

5: Following Settling, Decanting occurs (G) – discharging the supernatant through the outlet (H).

Frequently Asked Questions

The OnSyte System is buried below ground. In most installations two riser lids will come to the surface. The Process Control Unit is mounted to the side of the house/facility.

You may continue to use water normally during a power outage. Once the water level in the Dosing Chamber reaches a preset level, the Natural Bio-Reactor treatment system behaves like a traditional septic tank and sends wastewater to an underground drain field. When power returns, the system automatically resets. If your system is equipped for water recycling, the system expels any partially treated water in the Reaction Chamber to the backup drain field and starts a new treatment cycle with a fresh batch of wastewater. This ensures only treated water enters your storage and reuse equipment.

Even though the advanced control system will sense trouble and automatically contact the designated monitoring service for your site, some municipalities still require onsite audible and visible alarms. You may silence the onsite alarm by pressing the “Silence Alarm” button found on the side of the Process Control Unit attached to the exterior of the premises. Since the system automatically reports alarms, no other action is required of you. However, if you want to confirm that the alarm has been reported, you may contact the monitoring service (you will find their contact information in this manual or on a label attached to the Process Control Unit.

  • Upon approval discharge can be safely reintroduced into holding ponds and surface drains (point surface discharge).
  • Stored and treated for reuse on-site.
  • Distributed in a significantly reduced size drain field.
  • Directed to alternating (daily, weekly, etc.) drain fields on the same property.
OnSyte Warranty

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